Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Making Chorchkhela "Georgian Snicker's" with the Fam and Neighbors

Chorchkhela is a traditional Georgian food which they often refer to as Georgian Snickers.  The remaining bits of grape and juice left over after making wine are saved, mixed with flour, and boiled for many hours.  The concoction is a natural sweet goo.  Hazelnuts and walnuts are strung prior to the day of making the treats.  The string is held in the middle with nuts on either side and then dipped into the vat of grape blend.  Then the string is slowly pulled out as a coating of the grape mixture sticks to the nuts.  They are then hung to dry and saved to be eaten all throughout the winter.

The neighbors all came over to help to make an assembly line.

My host Mom Ketino stirring the grape mixture.

The steaming grape mix.
Hanging them to dry.

My turn!

Ketino coaches me.

Not half bad!

My host dad Giorgi counting our finished products.
All of the finished Chorchkhela!

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